Store Policies


BOUQUET SUBSCRIPTIONS Please read the information on each product listing prior to purchase. Once you sign up for your subscription you will receive a series of emails that should answer all of your questions. If you have done both of these things and have questions please do not hesitate to email us at:

OTHER PURCHASES (see below for Dahlia Tubers) Please read the information on the listing completely prior to purchase. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours or you need your order fulfilled within 48 hours please reach out to us at


We open our store after we have conducted a general inspection in late Winter, which is after the initial inspection at division in the Fall prior to storage. By then we have a pretty good idea if the tubers are going to come out of storage in good condition. However, there are always some that surprise us and once warmed up do not meet our standards. If we are not able to fulfill your order we will contact you via email as soon as possible and offer your choice of a substitute dahlia.

Some varieties will open in our store with limited availability.  We will update quantities on a regular basis without notice.  We do this so everyone has an equal chance to snag those unicorn varieties that we offer.  You are welcome to place multiple orders, but once an order is placed it can not be changed. Orders are filled in the order received, shipping will occur at the earliest in mid-April weather dependent. Orders can not be combined.

Note: There is an option to add early shipping by purchasing a heat pack, but this must be added as a separate “product”. By choosing early shipping the buyer agrees to take all responsibility for potential issues with early shipping and will purchase the proper number of heat packs for the number of tubers being shipped.

During the 2023 season we participated with the American Dahlia Society Virus Testing. When submitting my samples I am very random in my submissions. I do not submit only the best plants to skew my results as some farms are in the habit of doing. My results were reported to be “very consistent with everyone else’s results” across the country this year, close to 90% of other farms in fact. The testing looks at common viruses. My philosophy is that every farm in America has virus in at least one plant, whether it is a dahlia or another plant and that virus will be transmitted to the dahlia by insects, tools, or other factors. These basic virus transmissions are unavoidable just like the common cold transmission among children is unavoidable. However, absolutely no evidence of the dreaded galls that are being discussed so heavily in social media have ever been found active on our farm.  We do not place any guarantees implied or otherwise regarding virus or disease because, even according to the ADS, this is nearly impossible to do with growers in the US at the present time.

Our dahlias are photographed by me with a cell phone, I am not a professional. I do not touch up the photographs at all. I do use a software to create a single image of each bloom on a plain background to best show the details and coloring of the bloom. 

The following are a few important details to remember when purchasing dahlia tubers from our farm:

  1. Dahlia tubers are “warmed up” so at least one eye is visible prior to shipping. Some tubers may have sprouts upon arrival–this is a good thing! If desired clip any sprouts down to 1/4. If a sprout breaks off during shipping that is OK, the tuber will naturally send up more sprouts in it’s place.
  2. Because we only ship tubers we have found eyes on, we consider all of our tubers of good quality that will produce a nice plant. We also pack our tubers to withstand shipping. Any issues with your order must be submitted with pictures within 7 days of when the USPS notifies me of delivery.
  3. Please note we cannot:
    • Guarantee the plant will produce in your growing conditions like it did in ours.
    • Control the condition of what the tuber is like when it arrives, we can only control the condition of the tuber when it leaves our hands. We take extreme care in packaging our tubers to limit the movement in the box and thus potential shipping damages. We do not ship if temperatures are below freezing from our zone 5b/6a Michigan. Exception is only when early ship option is purchased.
    • Replace or refund for things that are out of our control…your choice of storage after it leaves us, shipping damage, planting conditions, weather conditions, etc. You can let us know if there are issues…but we do not promise anything other than a tuber that has eyes, packaged well, and shipped when temperatures in West Michigan are above freezing.
  4. I run a small flower farm, not a large production flower farm. Therefore I do my best, but I am also a human running a small operation so there might be mistakes from time to time. I have a system of tracking each variety/tuber in 4 ways, but mistakes can still happen.
  5. Tubers do not represent what the plant will look like. Some tubers are pencil thin while others are fat like a potato, some are long while others are the size of an AAA battery, some are kind of shriveled, some feel soft, some feel hard….but in our experience if there is at least one eye (remember, we only ship ones that do) and are properly cared for (by YOU after receiving) all dahlia tubers are capable of being incredible wonders of the garden. I only ship tubers that I would plant in my own garden and I don’t choose my personal tubers until all my customer orders are fulfilled. So if a tuber is good enough for my customers it is good enough for me and vise versa!
  6. By purchasing from us you accept responsibility for planting according to accepted Dahlia growing practices. Such as planting only after soil temperatures are above 55 degrees, there is no heavy rain in forecast, and they receive no water until growth is several inches above ground.
  7. We use our own in-house coding system. Your tubers will be packed one variety per labeled bag. We suggest you use your preferred labeling method when you plant your tuber.


Orders cancelled by the customer will incur a 20% restocking fee to cover processing fees. Orders cancelled by us will be given alternative choices or a discount code for a future order.


    Due to our farm being in Zone 5b/6a, West Michigan, where it is normal to have freezing temperatures late into the Spring we will not ship dahlias until overnight temps are safe. This means that orders typically will not ship until mid-late April and sometimes not until May. Because we are in one of the coldest US zones we will ship according to our temperatures, not yours. No special requests for specific ship dates can be honored. The good thing is your tuber will already be slightly “warmed up” and the growth process starting with eyes forming prior to shipping. You can, however, purchase the optional early shipping option for an additional fee.

    We are not able to combine or change orders once placed. Orders are filled in the order they are received and treated as individual orders. If you plan to place another order you can feel free to contact me for a code for free shipping when you provide your previous order number.

    We ship via USPS Priority Mail early in the week so that your order will not sit on a truck or in a warehouse over a weekend.

    At checkout PLEASE count the total number of tubers when selecting the correct shipping charges.


    If you do not, we will send a PAYPAL invoice for the balance due PLUS an additional fee to cover processing the extra charge. We reserve the right to cancel your order if the additional invoice is not paid within 7 days, you will not necessarily get reminders to pay. We would much rather ship you your tubers than cancel your order, but we will cancel it if the correct shipping is not paid in full.

    Reminder: orders cancelled because of a customer’s failure to pay correct shipping will incur a 20% restocking fee.

    We are so sorry to be strict about this, but it is has become a real problem in recent years as customers are not careful during the check out process.


    Local customers in the West Michigan area have two choices for pick-up.

    Preferred local Pick-up will be at Piers Feed Country Store (4384 58th St, Holland, MI 49423)

    Monday-Friday 8 AM – 6 PM, Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM, Sunday CLOSED

    We will notify you via email when you order is ready for pick-up. Please do not attempt to pick-up your order until you receive your email. Ask for your order at the checkout counter.

    DO NOT CALL THE STORE, this is a pick-up location only. The store owner has graciously allowed us to use the store as a pick-up location. Most of the sales staff do not know about dahlias or tubers so please do not bother them with questions. I (Beth) do work at this store several days a week, so if I am there I can answer any of your questions. Otherwise, if you have questions about your order please email

    Pick-up is also available from our farm in Zeeland. We are very close to I-196 exit 52. If you would like this option please email to arrange.


    by placing an order with our store you are agreeing that you have read our store policies and agree with them