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10 Piece Mystery Tuber Package

10 Piece Mystery Tuber Package

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This is a package of 10 tubers of our choosing from our remaining inventory.  Tubers will have eyes and/or sprouts, but could be "ugly".   This is a clearance listing and is priced to reflect that and are sold as is, no returns or refunds apply.  

Some lucky buyers will receive unicorns like Kelgai Ann!  I found a few more of them that eyed up and rather than list them separately I thought it would be fun to throw them in some of these boxes.  

BE SURE TO CHOOSE CORRECT SHIPPING at checkout or you will receive a separate Paypal invoice for the correct shipping charges.

 Original tuber values were $10-25.  The tubers may or may not be labeled but will be from the following options:


Black Satin

Blackberry Ice


Boom Boom White

Bracken Palomino

Bracken Sarah

Break Out

Bride to Be

Brown Sugar

Café Au Lait

Café Au Lait Mini

Caitlyn’s Joy

Clearview Peachy

Colorado Classic


Cornel Bronze


Crazy Legs


Day Dreamer



Ferncliff Copper

Foxy Lady


Gitts Attention

Hillcrest Suffusion

Hollyhill Black Beauty

Ice Tea

Irish Ruffles



Javier G

Just Peachy

Kaisha Lea

Kelgai Ann


Lady Nathalie

Lark’s Ebbe

Lavender Perfection

Lights Out

Linda’s Baby

Maroon Fox

Marry Me

Miss Amara

Mister Frans


Parkland Rave

Peace Pact

Peaches N Cream

Pink Runner

Pink Sylvia

Prince Noir

Rock Run Ashley

Ryecrocft Laura

Sea Electra

Silver Years

Snoho Doris

Snoho Sonia

Sweet Nathalie


Valley Rust Bucket

White Wizzard

Wine Eyed Jill

Wizzard of Oz

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